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Dipped in Poison

Grim Press

Take poisons to a whole new level with this venomous addition to any game!

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Poisons, toxins, and venoms add an interesting dynamic to any adventure. They can be used as plot devices such as sending poisoned food to a king, or directly in combat with poisoned weapons and magical spells.


Dipped in Poison contains the following content:


  • AN INTRODUCTION TO POISONS – Some useful rules and terminology on poisons, venoms, and toxins.
  • POISONER’S TOOLKIT – Kits, equipment, reagents,and recipe books for harvesting, refining, and synthesizing poisons.
  • MAGICAL SPELLS – New poison-based spells toincorporate into your adventures.
  • ARCHETYPES – Handling deadly poisons takes considerable attention to detail. Introducing the Poison Master rogue —few are more equipped for the task.
  • GM VARIANT RULE: HARVESTING, PRESERVING, &REFINING POISONS – A series of expanded rules for harvesting, preserving, and refining poisons from natural sources, as well as several examples.
  • GM VARIANT RULE: SYNTHESIZING POISONS – A series of expanded rules for synthesizing and creating new poisons.

Product Details

Published 10/14/2022
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Miscellaneous, Intrigue, Urban, Wilderness
Setting Any Setting
Includes 9 Poisons, 18 Art, 13 Spells, 1 Monsters, 17 Items, 1 Subclasses, 1 Books
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