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Doomed Dockyard Defense

AAW Games

Mini-Dungeon for 4–5 characters of levels 3–4

Price $2.99

The Feignar Trading Company is restructuring and moving their main base of operations to a larger city, which also requires transporting their treasury. The heads of the company were warned about not one, but about various gangs and agencies that will likely attempt to steal the treasury the very moment it arrives in port. While most of the trading company’s leaders don’t believe in the threat, they have hired the party as a last-minute meager security to appease the more cautious members.

The treasury arrives in 12 hours.

It’ll take some quick sleuthing, silver tongues, and a proper plan to make the arrival of the naive company’s funds anything other than a Doomed Dockyard Defense

Is your party up to the task? 

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign. 

  • GM Map
  • VTT Map

Product Details

Published 10/4/2022
Category Adventure
Theme Urban, Aquatic
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 3 - 4
Includes 22 Art, 6 Encounters, 6 Monsters, 1 Books
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