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Martial Archetype: Blacksmith

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Fighter Archetype For 5th Edition

Price $2.99

“I got a good thing going with the caravan. My own forge, my three best friends, and a good fight whenever bandits are foolish enough to try it.”

— Hannah Kerrigan, Blacksmith on The Ceaseless Caravan


In a world so often at war, a blacksmith's work is never done. Whether it’s putting their hammers to the anvil to craft weapons or through the helmets of those attacking their towns and villages, these homegrown heroes never turn their backs when duty calls.


This supplement includes:

  • A new archetype for your fighter.
  • A new fighting style.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Character Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Art, 1 Subclasses, 1 Fighting Styles, 1 Books
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