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The Cantrip Cantina: Feywild Nights

Underground Oracle Publishing

New Cantrips, Drinks, and More For 5th Edition

Price $2.99

The evening breeze is heavy with the sweet smell of honeysuckle and fireflies make lazy loops through the night air over the excited patrons waiting outside of the Cantrip Cantina. News that Arleena has created a fresh menu brimming with fey-inspired delights has swept the city and those adventurous of spirit and young at heart are ready to kick off the revelry.

Arleena has more than delivered on her prospective patrons’ expectations, creating extraordinary liquors fit for the enchanted lords of the courts themselves, as well as a few of her specialty spells to capture a bit of their feywild wonder.

This supplement includes:

  • 3 new feytouched cantrips.
  • 3 new lighthearted extraordinary liquors.
  • A new item that Arleena grants to those who study with her.

Product Details

Published 9/10/2021
Includes 2 Art, 3 Spells, 4 Items, 1 Books
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