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Rivals and Allies: The Sword Lords

Underground Oracle Publishing

Brand New Warlord NPCs for 5th Edition

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There are those who come to power without any noble birthrights to precede them or formal elections to legitimize them. They may have stood during a time of violence and turmoil, taking the burden of leadership upon themselves when no one else could. They may have risen to cause a tide of revolt against the oppression and tyranny of their current rulership. Or they simply may have seized what they believe they and their people deserve from the world around them. Some would call these ambitious self-made leaders warlords. But to those that respect their actions and goals, they’re known as sword lords. 

The following are three well-known sword lords within the realms. Each unique NPC description includes how they rose to power, what their goals are, who fights under their banners, and where they reside in Quaseloth, the Underground Oracle campaign setting, or where they can be placed in your own campaign setting of choice.

This supplement includes:

  • Full information on 3 new NPCs
    • Greodd - The fisher-turned-corsair captain.
    • Jona Riese - The young riot sorcerer and rebel leader.
    • Micalla Erios - A reluctant ex-mercenary thrust into lordship.
  • Roleplaying tips to help GMs bring each of the above NPCs to life.
  • 6 stat blocks representing each of the sword lords and their average follower.

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Published 3/24/2022
Category Gamemaster Options, Bestiary
Includes 13 Art, 6 Monsters, 1 Books
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