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Bundle of Magic

Kobold Press

Price $63.98

This bundle includes all of the incredible magics of Deep Magic and Vault of Magic. These tomes will add more than 700 new spells and magical offerings as well as 900 enchanted items of every imaginable use designed for 5th edition and ready to play at your table! Save up to 20% when you buy them as a bundle. Delight your players and spice up your 5th Edition campaign with fresh, new magic options and enchanted items, partnered with amazing artwork from the imaginative minds at Kobold Press. A must-have collection for any serious GM.

Product Details

Published 7/25/2022
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Setting Midgard, Any Setting
Includes 2 Books, 718 Spells, 25 Rune, 56 Subclasses, 21 Hieroglyphs, 10 Angelic Seals, 7 Arcane Traps, 2 Eldritch Invocations, 522 Art, 6 Feats, 4 Backgrounds, 49 Monsters, 1369 Items, 9 Warlock Pact Boons, 10 Elemental Masteries
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