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Martial Archetypes: Time Strider

Underground Oracle Publishing

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A Brand New Fighter Archetype For 5th Edition

“Manipulating the flow of time is not entirely unlike manipulating arcane. In that dabbling in it without the proper safeguards or knowledge is a surefire way to get yourself destroyed in the worst ways imaginable.”

- Davidius Tilfoil, Time Strider

Time is the one unifying enemy of all mortal things. Farmers and kings, skremps and elves, no matter how long-lived an individual might be, or how arduous that life may have been, when the horizon of life comes into view, it always seems to be too soon. Countless sages and wizards have devoted their lives to slowing the march of time, some with marginal success and others with disastrous results, but few have found a way of genuinely subverting the one universal rule that binds all living souls together. Although, the fighters that call themselves Time Striders have figured out how to bend it spectacularly.

Reckless intellectuals, Time Striders are warriors that use their esoteric training and carefully crafted temporal focuses to arc the flow of time to their advantage, creating small temporal distortions that allow them to trap and hinder their foes or accomplish supernatural feats of martial prowess. Originally members of a secret sect that disbanded after its leader fell prey to the cosmic dangers inherent to over-tampering with time, there are few that understand the risks involved with temporal manipulation better than Time Striders.

This supplement includes:

  • The Time Strider fighter archetype.
  • 7 unique temporal focus abilities to choose from.

Product Details

Published 1/9/2023
Category Character Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 2 Art, 7 Temporal Effects, 1 Subclasses, 1 Books
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