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Cult of the Broken Bone

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Cult Option For 5th Edition

Price $2.99

“He is the Ivory Chain! He is the Grinning Master! He is the Deathless Destruction! And we shall make him great again.”

—Lysba Valkin, cleric of Ecrassus


Dominance, of not only a body but of a spirit. Control of not only a life but of the death that comes after. That is what Ecrassus requires from his followers. That is what drives the cult of the Broken Bone.


This supplement includes:

  • Information on the cult of Ecrassus, God of the Skeletal Throng.
  • Plot hooks to introduce your players to this brutal cult.
  • A powerful new artifact to turn your BBEG into a master of ivory hordes.

Product Details

Published 3/19/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
Theme Horror
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Art, 1 Items, 1 Books
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