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Epic Evils: MacrAbeesus, Mother of Manticores

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Villain Toolkit For 5th Edition!

Price $5.99

Surrounded by crystal clear waters and bathed in tranquil sunlight, the island of Delcai appears inviting and beautiful. But just behind its benign facade lies a tortured landscape of corrupted spirits and the evil machinations of MacrAbeesus.


Using This Supplement

This supplement provides everything a GM needs to design an encounter with MacrAbeesus, Mother of Manticores. Inside you will find the legendary creature herself, along with descriptions for points of interest in her lair, the cursed island of Delcai, and three new undead creature options. Plot hooks and rumors have also been included to assist GMs in creating their adventures to the island and to guide players toward their final battle with MacrAbeesus. 

This supplement is designed to be used within any existing campaign.


This supplement includes:

  • MacrAbeesus, a CR 15 demonic manticore!
  • Additional undead on Delcai:
    • Crowned Soul, the tortured remains of a cleric turned against their god.
    • Feeder Spirit, piteous soul amalgams that empower the denizens of Delcai.
    • Trapped soul creature template that can be applied to any undead that roams MacrAbeesus's horrid island.
  • Plot hooks you can use to introduce players to Delcai.
  • Full-color maps.

Product Details

Published 3/19/2021
Category Bestiary, Gamemaster Options
Theme Wilderness, Horror
Setting Any Setting
Includes 6 Art, 2 Encounters, 2 Maps, 3 Monsters, 1 Books
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