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Along the Way: The Crown's Fire

Underground Oracle Publishing

Price $5.99

A Brand New One-Shot Side Quest For 5th Edition

Our Along the Way series of supplements provides the perfect side quests for groups to explore as a breather during longer-running campaigns or when the entire party isn’t available to tackle the next leg of an adventure. 

In this encounter, the beloved Countess Brightheart has been assassinated through the use of a powerful artifact. To keep her territory from dissolving into chaos and war, her advisor needs the assistance of a group of heroes who can capture a portion of the legendary crown phoenix’s fire to return her to life and lead her people. This encounter is best suited for a party of five to six 5th-level characters. 

This supplement includes:

  • A full one-shot for 5-6 5th-level characters.
  • Background information to provide depth for your session.
  • 3 new items.
  • 3 new creature stat blocks featuring the new dual type elemental harpy, the scoria!
  • Full color maps.
  • Tables and notes to help flesh out your game.


Product Details

Published 12/23/2022
Category Adventure, Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 19 Art, 3 Maps, 5 Encounters, 7 Monsters, 3 Items, 1 Books
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