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5EINPs #2: Yellowstone

John Lemay

Price $12.50

Nature Is Under Siege 

Sequestered in Zogris, Dragallan the Destroyer, Deity of destruction, is launching an assault against the material plane. He has sent a Zogrian Orb of Destruction into Yellowstone. The orb in turn is manifesting Zorgrian Fiends who are assuming the elemental qualities of Yellowstone’s thermal features.

However, Eshreal, an ancient, sentient, thermophile swarm, is preventing the fiends from leaving Yellowstone. She is locked in a terrible struggle with the orb, and she is losing. Desperately, Eshreal calls for aid.

Will you answer nature’s call

  • A 5E adventure for all tiers.
  • A quest of learning about Yellowstone National Park with homework assignments for players.
  • One original 40x40 battle map populated by geysers, a giant hot spring, mud pots, travertine terraces and fumaroles.
  • One original 20x20 battle map that explores the underground plumbing of a giant hot spring and two geysers.
  • Five new monsters.
  • Voice acted box text.

A quest of adventure and learning that is inspired by the amazing hydrothermal features of the world's first national park.

Product Details

Published undefined
Category Adventure
Theme Wilderness
Setting Any Setting
Includes 2 Maps, 5 Monsters, 5 Encounters, 41 Art, 1 Books
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