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Tales of the Valiant: Player's Guide

Kobold Press

Price $34.99

Join the Ranks of the Valiant!

Every adventure needs a beginning. Start your own tale in an infinite universe of high fantasy adventure with the Tales of the Valiant Player’s Guide! Within these pages, a trove of knowledge lies ready, waiting for the valiant to claim it!

  • Make your own unique and legendary hero with the new Lineage and Heritage system.
  • Select Talents and Backgrounds that make your hero truly stand apart.
  • Master improved spellcasting and martial abilities to ensure every hero stands tall in a fight!
  • Explore new downtime, exploration and social encounter rules to expand your game beyond the dungeon.
  • Learn a streamlined, 5E-compatible ruleset with unique mechanics to increase both risk and reward.

Tales of the Valiant is a Black Flag Roleplaying Game from Kobold Press. Gather your friends and journey together across a labyrinth of worlds in search of adventure!

Product Details

Published 5/10/2024
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 108 Art, 31 Eldritch Invocations, 7 Weapon Options, 3 Warlock Pact Boons, 27 Subclasses, 14 Heritages, 16 Conditions, 1 Extension, 8 Lineages, 50 Talents, 2 Monsters, 330 Spells, 14 Metamagic, 768 Items, 15 Augment Effects, 1 Books, 54 Reference Card, 10 Backgrounds, 13 Classes
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