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The Blooming Bounty Apothecary

Deven Rue

A story-enhancing, immersive shop! Maps, NPCs, potions, and more.

Price $11.99

As you walk along the street, two huge oak trees reach their branches across the path several feet above your head; between them is a purple two-story building with green shutters with a stone path leading you to the small porch. As you approach, a calico cat stands and stretches on the railing it had been sleeping on then makes a “brrrrt” sound as it hops down and walks to the door, clearly intending to dart inside once given access. As you reach the first step of the porch landing, the smells of rich earth, sweet flowery musk, and fresh cut wood reach your nose. You open the door to a brightly lit room filled tables, shelves, and crates artistically displayed by coordinating colors. Where there isn’t products, bottles, or ingredients, there are plants growing from pots along the walls and hanging from the ceiling.

As one beautifully packaged product after another catches your eye, you find yourself picking up and smelling soaps, shampoos, lotions, herbs, teas, tonics, and every manner of beauty product you never knew existed!


Welcome to The Blooming Bounty Apothecary!


The Blooming Bounty Apothecary is a story enhancing, immersive shop that you can drop into your fantasy campaign in just about any town or city. This supplement introduces you to the 3 shop owners, tells you about their lives, provides information on the apothecary they run, the services they provide, inventory, unique potions and ingredients, offers work for an adventuring party, and much more! It's packed with ideas, suggestions, & inspiration to help take the stress out of worldbuilding an apothecary shop yourself. Because, let's face it, as a DM/GM you have enough to do!


Note: If you would only like the maps, they can be purchased separately for $6.99.

Product Details

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Category Setting Guide, Game Master Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 44 Art, 3 Maps, 2 Encounters, 4 Monsters, 47 Items, 1 Books
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