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Lair of the Goblin King

Shane Collins

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Azlac, the Goblin King that has united several scattered goblin tribes in the area, has been wreaking havoc on the local towns and roads. Can the players infiltrate his lair and end the goblin raids once and for all? In addition to some new Goblin baddies to throw at your players – including a goblin-harpy crossbreed – Azlac also has two powerful magical weapons at his disposal. The players will need their wits, brawn, and possibly some unlikely allies they meet along the way if they are to survive.

There are some great low-level goblin adventures out there. Lair of the Goblin King, a 4th level adventure for 5e, is meant to be used at the final “boss battle” adventure to complete a low level goblin arc for your campaign.

Product Details

Published 7/6/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Dungeon, Wilderness
Setting Any Setting
Includes 13 Art, 6 Encounters, 2 Maps, 6 Monsters, 2 Items, 1 Books
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