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The Butcher's Bible Vol. 1: Aberrations

The Fates

Add 22 Aberration Items to Your Campaign!

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Add 22 Aberration Items to Your Campaign! Fully Illustrated!

If butchered correctly, aberrations have parts and pieces that can be useful to an adventurer. In this book, those parts and pieces have been turned into items and contain the information necessary for your players to use them. Adding this book into a campaign will allow you to award your players with aberration parts and give them reasons to use those pesky tools they continue to carry around. 

These items can be placed in the loot section of aberrations to be awarded to your players after an encounter is completed. They can also be given to players directly when dealing with shopkeepers or other NPCs.

This book contains items for:




Gibbering Mouther



Simple Example:

Aboleth Eye

Jewelry Component

Crafting material for creation of Ring of Psychic Resistance with Expertise in Jeweler's Tools.

Product Details

Published 7/25/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
Theme Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 22 Art, 22 Items, 1 Books
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