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Country Crossroads Map Pack


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It was our turn to finally take the cartographic rite of passage by creating our very own crossroads map. Why? Well we wanted to test ourselves and see how well we could make a boring theme interesting and give our own style and flair to it. Hopefully you all think we succeeded! 

We made a mountainous 32 variations for this map! So there'll be lots of interesting maps for you to use now on those long roads from village to village (some are downright silly), including gridded and gridless versions of each of the following:

  • Original Day
  • Original Night
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Rain
  • Fog
  • Natural
  • Natural Night
  • Tent Day
  • Tent Night
  • Caravan Day
  • Caravan Night
  • Bad Harvest
  • Barricade 1
  • Barricade 2
  • Barricade 3
  • Barricade 4
  • Crossroads Massacre
  • Flooded
  • Gallows
  • Gallows Empty
  • Let's Take the Other Road
  • Livestock Day
  • Livestock Night
  • Mire
  • No troublemakers
  • No witches
  • Sleeping Hill Giant
  • We Don't Take That Road
  • Will'o'wisp

Product Details

Published 11/29/2022
Category Map Collection
Setting Any Setting
Includes 64 Art, 2 Maps, 1 Books
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