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Shadow of the Broodmother

Plane Shift Press

Preview of Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting

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Welcome, you adventurous vagabond! What you’ve got here is a taster of Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting. We hope that after you read this freebie, drink in the gorgeous art, laugh at the mediocre puns, and run this totally free adventure for your favourite group of players, you come and check out our Kickstarter. 

Slkvol the aboleth broodmother has, for the past few million years, shaped the ecology of Milakul swamp to best serve its own interests: the native swallybogs worship Slkvol as a deity, the fauna all bear signs of Slkvol’s modifications, and adventurers are enthralled to spread word of how uninteresting and unworthy of exploration the swamp is. However, after several of her field assistants went missing, Dr. Doolots wishes to contract a group of adventurers to deal with this 'swamp curse'.

Product Details

Published 5/26/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Horror
Adventure level 5 - 17
Includes 25 Art, 1 Maps, 3 Encounters, 4 Spells, 4 Monsters, 7 Items, 1 Books
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