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Crown of the Oathbreaker

A dark adventure campaign through a cursed kingdom and the Feyrealms

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The Crown of the Oathbreaker Shard Tabletop Module offers an exceptional adventure experience for players. Every map is set up with encounters, providing seamless integration between story entries and maps. Additionally, all book locations are linked to maps where applicable, making it easy to follow the adventure narrative. 

To add to the immersive experience, fog regions are set up on every map, providing a realistic feel to the gameplay. The module also includes tokens for each of the 263 original NPCs, allowing players to easily keep track of who's who on the battlefield. 

Moreover, all NPCs have their spell slots and other effects set up for easy tracking, simplifying the gameplay experience for the players. The module also features random encounter tables that are set up for ease of use, with each section linked so that players can quickly and easily populate an encounter. 

Finally, the module includes all items, including miscellaneous adventuring gear, created in treasure packages, ensuring that players have all the necessary tools to fully immerse themselves in the adventure!

Product Details

Published 5/2/2023
Category Adventure, Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Map Collection, Setting Guide, Audio Pack
Theme Dungeon, Planar, Underdark, Urban, Wilderness, Horror, Intrigue, Mystery, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 716 Art, 281 Encounters, 16 Feats, 11 Trap, 36 Subclasses, 4 Diseases, 45 Maps, 14 Audio Clips, 279 Monsters, 16 Spells, 65 Items, 11 Books, 11 Reference Card
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