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The Underworld Collection

Kobold Press

Complete Set

Price $69.99

Get the complete Underworld collection. 

  • The full Empire of Ghouls campaign
  • All the supplemental Underworld Lairs
  • The complete Underworld Player's Guide

All in one convenient bundle.  

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Adventure, Bestiary, Setting Guide
Theme Underdark, Horror, Dungeon, Wilderness
Setting Midgard, Underworld
Includes 530 Art, 17 Random Encounter Tables, 268 Encounters, 12 Subclasses, 31 Races, 43 Maps, 260 Monsters, 33 Spells, 5 Metamagic, 75 Items, 3 Books, 4 Backgrounds
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