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The Underworld Collection

Kobold Press

Complete Set

Price $69.99

Get the complete Underworld collection. 

  • The full Empire of Ghouls campaign
  • All the supplemental Underworld Lairs
  • The complete Underworld Player's Guide

All in one convenient bundle.  

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Adventure, Bestiary, Setting Guide
Theme Underdark, Horror, Dungeon, Wilderness
Setting Midgard, Underworld
Includes 530 Art, 3 Books, 33 Spells, 4 Backgrounds, 268 Encounters, 260 Monsters, 17 Random Encounter Tables, 12 Subclasses, 75 Items, 31 Races, 5 Metamagic, 43 Maps
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