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Spooky Ranch

Skront Stuff

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This is a pack of two maps. 

The first is a 45x40 ranch/farmhouse and the surrounding area, including a spooky wood and a barn. The interior is very detailed, and has hints that something unpleasant has happened to the inhabitants. Blood is splattered in the room leading down to the basement.

The second map is a 15x20 maps of the basement, where a blood trail leads into a room with broken barrels and a collasped wall. There are old skeletons and a creepy cage in the underground area.

Both maps were made in Dungeondraft with my own Skront Stuff assets and utility assets by Krager. The are 256DPI.

Product Details

Published 1/7/2024
Category Map Collection
Theme Horror
Includes 3 Art, 2 Maps, 1 Books
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