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Lost in the Caligo Fields

Shane Collins

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The blacksmith’s son has wandered into the vast and unforgiving frozen wilderness. Can the party rescue him and uncover the darker mysteries at play in the Caligo Fields?

Lost in the Caligo Fields is a search-and-rescue hexcrawl optimized for a 4th level party for Fifth Edition. Built from the ground up to utilize Hexplorer Map tiles, this adventure features a system for navigating and exploring the treacherous and mist-filled arctic terrain. The Stonelakes – a nomadic tribe of Buranar – have halted traveling to their winter hunting grounds until Erilik, the smith’s son, returns. Presumed kidnapped by the brutish Moss Giants, the party must survive raiders, giants, the elements – and worse – if they are to save young Erilik.

Product Details

Published 7/12/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Arctic, Mystery
Setting Any Setting
Includes 42 Art, 7 Random Encounter Tables, 1 Races, 8 Maps, 14 Monsters, 4 Items, 1 Books
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