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Creed's Codex: Arcane Secrets of the Summoners

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Summoner Class

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Building upon the framework laid out in the 5th Edition core books, Creed’s Codex: Arcane Secrets of the Summoners provides a series of options that can be used with any 5E setting. Providing a mixture of lore and mechanics, the content can be adopted whole or in part to enrich your games. Examples are given throughout the book to provide insight into how the content could fit into your campaign. In addition, we’ve added a variety of ideas, stories, and examples to assist and inspire the player or game master.

Product Details

Published 6/16/2023
Category Character Options
Includes 89 Art, 50 Evolutionist Epic Adaptations, 4 Eldritch Invocations, 7 Feats, 8 Subclasses, 43 Evolutionist Minor Adaptations, 28 Force Augments, 40 Spells, 28 Monsters, 14 Items, 56 Evolutionist Major Adaptations, 1 Books, 15 Evolutionist Legendary Adaptations, 1 Classes
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