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Shadow of the Zephyr

Alligator Alley Entertainment

Complete Season 1 Bundle

Price $34.99

The Complete Shadow of the Zephyr Campaign

All 10 Chapters of this Season 1 campaign.  Beginning with a scrap run on Euira 7 and ending in the resting place of a device of immense power.  

The adventure series provides many sessions worth of material for for Esper Genesis. Get all 10 episodes in one bundle.  If you already own a few, no worries, they are discounted from the bundle price.


Product Details

Published 9/30/2022
Category Adventure
Theme Science Fiction
Setting Esper Genesis
Storyline Shadow of the Zephyr
Adventure level 1 - 8
Includes 182 Art, 22 Maps, 86 Encounters, 92 Monsters, 4 Starships, 13 Items, 10 Books
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