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Northreach Bundle

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Collection of Adventures on the frozen island of Northreach

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Explore the Island of Northreach with these three wintery adventures!


Den of the Winter Wolf (2nd Level Adventure)

There are many dangers that lie in wait for the unwary in Myrkvid Forest but none so fearsome as Rukdolf, the Winter Wolf. There are few who have seen him and lived to tell the tale and those who did have refused to enter the woods ever again. There have been attempts to hunt him and his pack down but no one has been able to come close. 

The town of Beruvik sits on the edge of Myrkvid Forest and the townsfolk have lived under the shadow of fear of Rukdolf for many years. They’ve taken to leaving sacrifices of their hunts in order to appease the wolf and permit them safe passage. But this winter has been particularly harsh this year and the sacrifices are becoming fewer and the wolves are getting hungrier. 


Temple of the Frozen Axe (4th Level Adventure)

The Order of the Frozen Axe, a group of clerics dedicated to Ydin One-Eye, is attempting to liberate their temple from a group of mercenaries who invaded it over twenty years ago. They have sent a group of their strongest warriors and clerics to reclaim the temple but they were ambushed and taken prisoner once they reached the mountain passes. Paladin Gyda Svendottir managed to get away during the battle and is attempting to recruit reinforcements to save her companions and take back the temple


Lair of the Ice Wraith (6th level Adventure)

Maelifell Isle sits just off the coast of the town of Beruvik, in the frozen north of Northreach. It is a barren place and avoided by all because of the long history of the curse that haunts it. Shipwrecks line the frozen cliffs and the few who have survived tell tales of the dead guarding something hidden in the mists that shroud the isle. 

A small army of undead soldiers have been slowly accumulating on the island, slaves to an ancient relic that was accidentally uncovered over a hundred years ago. An ice wraith is pushing the undead soldiers to leave the island in order to grow his power and build a larger army. They are attempting to lure longships to Maelifell’s shores in order to reach the mainland. 

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Dungeon, Aquatic, Wilderness, Arctic
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 2 - 6
Includes 51 Art, 17 Encounters, 5 Maps, 15 Monsters, 1 Items, 3 Books
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