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Downtime Destinations: Mama Bardousa's Bathhouse

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Downtime Destination For 5th Edition

Price $5.99

“Mama Bardousa's Bathhouse might be considered a high expense by some, but this luscious locale is not just a place of soap and water. It touches the divine with its beauty and art, enlivening and healing the body and spirit from the moment you enter. And let’s be honest, darling. I put my name on it, so it must be marvelous!”

- Mama Bardousa, mistrielle of Mama Bardousa’s Bathhouse

Carefully crafted and curated to be a feast for every sense, Mama Bardousa's Bathhouse is well known for the luxury and class that it allows its patrons to experience. No matter their background or standing in society, as long as adventurers have the coin and are willing to abide by the bathhouse’s code of conduct, they can experience any of the wonders that Mama Bardousa’s has to offer within its walls. And if they bring enough coin, they can experience a few hidden wonders outside of it as well.

This supplement includes:

  • Information on Mama Bardousa's Bathhouse and the wonders it holds—including a hideout for visitors who need to lay low and a portal to another plane!
  • The 3 NPCs that keep the bathhouse and its interests operational.
  • 6 bath blend effects for your PCs to enjoy.
  • A table of 20 patrons to fill out the destination.
  • 10 rumors to add intrigue to your stay.

Product Details

Published 4/30/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 7 Art, 3 Maps, 6 Items, 1 Books
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