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Cities of Myth: Memories of the Sea

Realmwarp Media

A Fallen Camelot Setting Expansion

Price $14.95

Memories of the Sea expands on the fringes of Albion established in Fallen Camelot (ruled by Queen Morgana, surrounded by aberrant magic and dangerous fae) by exploring the settlements of the Saxons. Once conquerers, they were defeated first by Arthur and further routed by the curse. Now they live on the fringes of Albion, surviving between haunted fens, dangerous woods, and treacherous seas.

This product includes the following:
- Expanded story options and adventure hooks,
- 12 new subclasses (one for each fore class),
- 8 new backgrounds options, using our modular background mechanic
- 3 new factions
- Over a dozen new creatures
- New items both magic and mundane, including 4 new ships.

Product Details

Published 3/17/2021
Category Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Setting Guide
Theme Aquatic, Wilderness, Historical
Includes 6 Art, 12 Subclasses, 17 Monsters, 1 Spells, 9 Items, 1 Books, 8 Backgrounds
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