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Tournament of Wonders

Dumb Cane Games

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The Festival of Wonders is an incredible event hosted by Lord Aric Whitewood in the charming town of Whitewood. At the heart of the festival is the renowned Tournament of Wonders, a grand spectacle that captures the imagination of adventurers from far and wide. This legendary tournament not only tests the individual prowess of the participants but also challenges them to forge powerful alliances. As brave souls battle against each other, each victory brings the opportunity to recruit members from the defeated teams, forming a formidable alliance that grows stronger with every triumph. Only by assembling a truly exceptional team can they hope to face one of Lord Whitewood's prized creatures, known as the Whitewood's Wonder. It's a test of skill, strategy, and collaborative effort like no other. But the festival is more than just the tournament—it's a vibrant celebration filled with captivating performances, mouthwatering food, lively merchants, and thrilling carnival games. Welcome to the Festival of Wonders, where legends are made, alliances are forged, and the extraordinary comes to life.

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Published 9/14/2023
Category Adventure
Theme Miscellaneous, Urban
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 3 - 5
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