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The Mureson Race

GM Jerry

A playable race of small folk.

Price $1.99

The Mureson are an intelligent race of mice-folk that value family, relationships and honor far more than gold or power. They are curious, agile and feisty. While they have short legs, they are quick. When they walk, they scurry on combinations of all-fours and their back feet to keep up with their taller counterparts in a party. 

Key features of the Mureson:

* Height: Approx. 2 feet.
* Additional damage and accuracy to simple weapons.
* Keen Smell and improved vision.
* Hard to Catch
* Mureson Flexibility

Product Details

Published 3/22/2021
Category Character Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Books, 3 Pregenerated Characters, 7 Art, 1 Races
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