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The Titan Attacks!

Rook and Role

An action-packed adventure through the confines of a magical robot!

Price $4.99

"It’s a unique, adaptable adventure that makes me wonder what the Iron Giant would have been if the Giant hadn’t been so gentle." - Meaghan Colleran, Bell of Lost Souls

A colossal war machine emerges from the wasteland, unleashing its devastation against the town of Tarian. The fate of Tarian rests on the shoulders of one adventurer—but will they be able to bring an end to the Titan’s rampage, or will Tarian be reduced to a mass of steaming rubble?

The Titan Attacks! is a 5e-compatible 4-6 hour adventure for a single character of 4th-6th level. 

While designed for a single player the product also includes instructions and extra encounters that can be used to adapt the adventure for up to four player characters.  

Throughout the adventure, the adventurer will infiltrate a war machine, disrupt its systems, and defeat its pilot before Tarian is destroyed.

Also included is a unique battle map depicting the inside of the colossal war machine designed by Artur Kurasiski. Fight your way through chambers filled with deadly encounters, as well as seven brand new 5e-compatible monsters! 

I hope that you enjoy this adventure! 

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Dungeon, Science Fiction
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 4 - 6
Includes 16 Art, 44 Encounters, 1 Maps, 7 Monsters, 7 Items, 1 Books
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