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Kingdoms of Kroako

Deven Rue

Explore the Vast Kingdoms of Krokoa! Includes World Map + 17 Regional Maps

Price $7.99

A "penciled" map drawn of the world of Kroako with expedition notes. Available with notes, without notes, and without text to add your own town/city names. Perfect for DMs to drop their stories in without having to fuss to find a map or change names to fit a pre-made map! Each pack includes 18 maps: the full world map plus 17 regional maps to show details.

All art is original and copyrighted by Deven Rue.  Not for resale or distribution, neither in part or whole, in any manner. For personal use only.

Using this Map

This map pack includes a world map, as well as close-up maps for each of its various regions. See below for additional guidance on how best to use these maps in your own games.


The world map includes pins linking to the various regional maps, each of which also includes pins linking to the adjacent regions, for ease of navigating between maps.

These pins can only be used by the GM to navigate between maps, and by default, are hidden from players' view. By clicking on a pin, you can set it to display for players, but they are still unable to use them to navigate to other maps.

Alternate Images

This map pack includes three versions of each map:

  • Labelled (Default)
  • Unlabelled or No Text
  • Annotated

By default, each map will be set to the Labelled version. However, if you would prefer to keep your maps unlabelled, you can simply click on the 'Load Map' icon, select Alternate Images, and then load the 'No Text' version.

The annotated version includes fun and interesting additions that are completely optional to include.

Product Details

Published undefined
Category Map Collection
Setting Any Setting
Includes 58 Art, 18 Maps, 1 Books
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