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Ultimate Naval Map Pack

CZRPG - Christian Zeuch

Detailed battlemap collection and ship tokens

Price $9.99

Turn your fantasy naval battles into a whole new experience with incredible maps and ship tokens! 

The idea of this map pack is that you use the ships as tokens and place the characters and enemies on the ships. You can then select all of the tokens (creatures and ship) to move them altogether. 

Select the sea map of your choice to use as battlemap.

This product will net you 7 unique maps, with a total of 24 maps with their different versions. Find below the map names, size and resolution. All maps have Gridded and Gridless versions. It also provides 7 ship tokens to use on the maps.

  • Encounters Chapter
    • Arquipelagos - [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]. 1 square = 30 ft.
    • Beach [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Small Dock [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
  • Sea Chapter(1 square = 30 ft.)
    • Agited Sea [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Blue Sea [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Dark Blue Sea [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Fiendish Whirlpool [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Storm Sea [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Sunny Deep Blue Sea [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Sunny Sea [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Sunset Sea [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
    • Teal Sea [30x30 sq - Res 4096x4096]
  • Ship Tokens Chapter
    • Boat Token
    • Galley
    • Keelboat
    • Longship
    • Sailing Ship
    • Warship

Product Details

Published 4/5/2021
Category Map Collection
Theme Aquatic
Setting Any Setting
Includes 30 Art, 24 Maps, 1 Books
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