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Bundle: Royal Palace Map Pack


A Palatial Estate | 4 Maps | 88 Variations

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Save 20% with this Royal Palace Map Bundle, which includes all four map packs from our Royal Palace series! Includes:

  • Throne Room
  • Guard Chambers
  • Inner Court (2 floors)
  • Outer Court (3 floors)

Together, these four map packs include a total of 7 different maps, three floors, and over 80 variations!

Outer Court

Part of the Royal Palace series, step into the majestic Palace Outer Court, which reveals the grandeur and complexity of a beautiful palace. Explore the fortifications, courtyard, kitchens, storerooms, and circular towers of the outer court. Choose from variations like "Snow" or "Massacre" to set the tone for regal intrigue, grand banquets, or political machinations in this opulent setting. The bridge at the top of the map leads to the Inner Court.

The Outer Court is spread over three floors and is protected by a moat. Most of the rooms here are for servants, guards and riffraff guests who aren't allowed into the Inner Court (like lowly lords and ladies). As you go further into the court things will become fancier and only certain courtiers will be able to enter. But the Outer Court might be a good place to disguise yourself as part of the staff or get gossip on the royals or assassinate a dignitary passing through.

The map is 36x45 squares, and includes 12 variations across 3 floors, for a a total of 36 variations (including the base images):

  • Day | Night | Dark
  • Fog | Rain
  • Blood Moat
  • Massacre
  • Winter
  • Abandoned
  • Stage
  • Gallows
  • Royal Address

Inner Court

Part of the Royal Palace series. the Inner Court leads up from the top of the Outer Court map. This area is for the royal family and their closest entourage and servants. At the top of the 2nd floor is the entrance to the Royal Throne Room. The rest of the map is opulent bedrooms, bathrooms and banqueting halls.

The map is 40x58 squares, and includes a total of 20 variations (including the base image) across two levels:

  • Day | Night | Dark
  • Autumn | Spring | Winter
  • Fog | Rain
  • Blood River
  • Massacre

Guard Chambers

Part of the Royal Palace series, the Palace Guard Chambers can easily be included as part of a larger palace. These guard chambers include everything needed to house, feed, and keep a palace guard company happy. Ascend the round towers, explore bedrooms, and witness the subtle details that hold the palace's secrets. Seek adventure in variations like 'Rain,' where the weather may herald unexpected events, or 'Massacre,' where a sinister plot may be unfolding.

The map is 40x58 squares, and includes a total of 13 variations (including the base image):

  • Day | Night | Dark
  • Autumn | Spring | Winter
  • Desert
  • Empty (Day / Night)
  • Fey Forest
  • Grass
  • Massacre
  • Rain

Throne Room

Part of the Royal Palace series, the Throne Room adds gravitas and opulence to your world with this gorgeous throne room. The hall is decorated with expensive tapestries, finery, and great statues of heroes past. Your players will have plenty of time to think as they walk the long carpet to the thrones. Are they in favor with the monarchs? Or have they come to be punished? Will a fey trick open a portal under their feet? Or are their plans to meet the rulers thwarted when they arrive in a blood-stained room? The variants in this pack provide an opportunity to show the passage of time and give your players new details to explore. No palace is complete without this beautiful map.

The map is 17x48 squares, and includes a total of 14 variations (including the base image):

  • Day | Night
  • Dark | Moonlit
  • Demon Throne
  • Frost
  • Ice Palace
  • Knightmare
  • Massacre
  • Portal
  • Prisoner
  • Ruins
  • Stained Glass
  • Underworld

Product Details

Published 12/20/2023
Category Map Collection
Theme Arctic, Urban, Wilderness, Historical, Intrigue, Dungeon, Planar
Setting Any Setting
Includes 88 Art, 8 Maps, 4 Books
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