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5EINPs #3: Everglades

John Lemay

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Nature is Under Seige

Sequestered in Zogris, Dragallan the Destroyer, Deity of Destruction, is launching an assault agains the material plane. He has sent a Zorgian Orb of Destruction into the Everglades.

A bloom of Celestial Upside-Down Jellyfish moved quickly to contain the orb and its possessed minions. But they cannot hold back Dragallan for long. Desperately, they call for aid. 

Will you answer nature's call?

  • A 5E adventure for all tiers.
  • A quest of learning about Everglades National Park with homework assignments for players.
  • One original 40x40 battle map of a red mangrove swamp.
  • One original 20x20 battle map of the root tunnels beneath a red mangrove island.
  • Five new monsters inspired by the Everglades.
  • Voice acted box text.

A quest of adventure and learning inspired by the largest mangrove forest in the Western Hemisphere.

Product Details

Published undefined
Category Adventure
Theme Wilderness, Aquatic
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Books, 14 Encounters, 2 Maps, 8 Monsters, 32 Art
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