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Evening Huddle Enterprises, creators of the mobile ttrpg soundboard app, My Sound Delve, is pleased to bring you a series of sound effects for use in your game setting. Just like the app, EHE focuses on sounds that Players and GMs can use to express their Character/ Creature's Actions aurally.

Each of EHE's Sound Packs contains at least fifty mysterious, serious & sometimes a little goofy sound effects to improve your immersion and enjoyment. All sounds are licensed and we ask that if you are streaming live with Shard VTT and these sounds- you acknowledge the sounds are from Evening Huddle Enterprises.

You can find more info here:


Core Divine Lvl 6 - 9 Spells
Core Arcane Lvl 5 Spells
Core Divine Lvl 2 - 3 Spells
Core Arcane Cantrips
Core Divine Lvl 0 - 1 Spells
Core Divine Lvl 4 - 5 Spells
Core Arcane Lvl 2 Spells
Free Foley 1
Core Arcane Cantrips
Core Arcane Lvl 7 - 9 Spells
Core Druid Lvl 5 - 9 Spells
Core Arcane Lvl 1 Spells
Core Arcane Lvl 6 Spells
Core Druid Lvl 0 - 2 Spells
Core Arcane Lvl 4 Spells
Core Divine Lvl 0 - 1 Spells
Core Arcane Lvl 3 Spells
Core Druid Lvl 3 - 4 Spells
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