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Monument Studios is a family owned business: we’re two brothers aiming at creating the richest, highest quality audio humanly achievable, and delivering it at the lowest possible price. We endeavor to equip creative individuals with fresh, exciting, fun resources so that they may evoke maximal emotion & pleasure out of the narratives they craft!

We’re honored to have the backing of 13,000+ dungeon masters who have supported us, provided critical feedback, and overall helped shape this into a cooperative adventure. Since the start, we have only ever encountered the highest order of positivity and love from this wonderful community of TTRPG players. It is a privilege for us to have a small part to play in this lively space!

We hope the love we have for what we do shines through in what you hear. We’re always seeking to continually evolve, listen to and promptly implement feedback from those who support us -- so don't hesitate to offer up any suggestions or ideas for content that you’d like to see from us going forward :) 

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