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Scry Society is a brand new TTRPG-variety streaming and publishing venture, run by Nick Galvin, a lifetime TTRPG player. Their first published adventure, Into the Mists, was the final stretch goal unlocked in the Shard Tabletop Kickstarter, and is now available on Shard's Marketplace.

Into the Mists is a 3rd-level adventure, which takes about 6-8 hours to complete, and includes a fully-fleshed out starting town, multiple maps, several homebrewed monsters with custom artwork, magic items, random tables, a sub-race, and more!

Beginning in April 2021, Scry Society will start streaming monthly D&D one-shots on Twitch, using Shard Tabletop as their VTT of choice, and will feature a rotating cast of guests from the community. The focus will be on fostering fun, creativity and a sense of wonder through the power of shared storytelling (with the help of a trusty set of dice, of course). We look forward to sharing more over the coming year, and hope you consider becoming a part of the Scry Society!

Into the Mists
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