Shard Tabletop

DMZ is a a lifetime table top gamer & a Hero of Shard known for creative modeling solutions.  As retirement creeps ever closer, the journey of turning the passion of content creation into a post-profession has begun.  For over 20 years DMZ has been making custom products & tools for their employer, & in their spare time, helping fellow DMs with custom tools, content creation, world consultation, plot analysis, & encounter math, as well as helping local game stores by hosting classes, events, & tournaments of multiple genres.

Out of necessity, DMZ was on the hunt for a virtual table top program that would allow ultimate flexibility & customization.  SHARD met that need, & became the launching pad for the future.  DMZ started making custom content for friends, then Shardians on Discord, & then finally their first SHARD Publication:  The Hireling Class.  

Stick around to see the next helpful product DMZ rolls out for DMs, players, & content creators of SHARD.

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Hireling Class
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