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Legends tell stories about a bottomless dungeon running deep inside the earth. A dark place from where adventurers never return, a place of despair and broken souls. 

You grab a torch and start descending few steps into the long stone corridor, in the air a stench of decay. 

A distant wail breaks the silence echoing on the cold tiles on the floor. You keep descending into the darkness, questioning your choice, but now it's too late, you know that there is no way back at this point, the only option left is to keep proceeding down. 

Welcome to the place where your worst nightmares become true. Welcome to the Endless Dungeon.


Hi, I'm Matt and I'm a cartographer living in Berlin making maps under the name of The Goblin Explorer

My main project is the Endless Dungeon is an infinite series of grim and dark dungeon battlemaps, each week bringing you down one level deeper into the wretched and abandoned labyrinth of ever descending levels.


If you want more maps, assets or music tracks for your adventures, check out my Patreon.

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All my maps are licensed to you for personal use under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 international license.

The Endless Dungeon | Issue #1
The Endless Dungeon | Issue #2
The Endless Dungeon - Intro Pack
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