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Petersen Games got its start decades ago when Sandy Petersen first conceived of the idea of doing a roleplaying game based on H. P. Lovecraft’s stories. That original idea, the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, is still in print today. Since that time, Sandy has worked on many tabletop products, including helping develop the original Arkham Horror board game. He also spent almost 20 years in the computer gaming industry, as a designer on the teams that produced Civilization, Doom, Quake, the Age of Empire series, and Halo Wars. He returned to the world of tabletop gaming with the famed Cthulhu Wars strategy game, and now he is Chief Creative Officer of his own company.

Our team are all fanatic game players and designers in our own rights, and between us, we have almost a century of combined experience.

Shard Tabletop is the exclusive online home of our Cthulhu Mythos 5E product line.

Yig Snake Granddaddy: Against the Serpentfolk
The Big Sleep Saga
Nightmares I
The Big Sleep: Lullaby
The Big Sleep: The Sleeper Rising
Yig Snake Granddaddy: The Prehistory War
Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos
Ghoul Island: Ghoulocracy
Dark Worlds: The Green Pyramid
The Big Sleep: The Doomed World
Yig Snake Granddaddy Saga
Yig Snake Granddaddy: A Land Out of Time
Ghoul Island: Clean Up Crew
Dark Worlds: The Zepzeg Cycle
Ghoul Island: Ghatanothoa Awakens
Ghoul Island Saga
Yig Snake Granddaddy: The Ancient Ages Again
Dark Worlds: Nithon
The Big Sleep: The Fate of the Empire
Dark Worlds: The Ritual
Dark Worlds Bundle
Ghoul Island: Voyage to Farzeen
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