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Hi! Welcome to our Tiny Living Room. We create content for tabletop roleplaying games. Our main focus is sharing content for 5e, but we are also working on a small system of our own. We will be sharing updates on that on our Patreon once we get a little further into it, along with all of our other content.


Most of our content will always remain freely available. If you do want to support us, feel free to join our Couch Potato tier. We will add some content that took us a bit more work there as well as early updates on our Dark Plans ttrpg. You can find the link to our Patreon here.


Thanks for reading, and let us know what you think of our stuff! 



A Tiny Living Room has also partnered with KibblesTasty to bring his books and creations to Shard! 


Kibbles is a fantastic creator that brings us Inventor, Psion, Warlord, Occultist, Warden, Spellblade, takes big breath and tons more! His crafting system is one of his largest works and is a fantastic asset for any table. I'm happy to be helping bring his stuff to Shard and I highly encourage you check him out on his website and Patreon as well!


His website can be found here

Kibbles' Crafting Guide
Mureen- Race
Chelan- Race
Giggle Water
Bone Bracer of the Tyrant
A Tiny Subscription
A Night at House Willow
Prismatic Sea
Salamander-Kin Race
Slime Coven- Witch Occultist
Kibbles' Compendium of Craft and Creation
Elemental-Touched Expanded Options
Path of Crimson- Barbarian Subclass
Kibbles' Casting Compendium
Spells That Don't Suck
Leshy Race
Spark-Struck: A New Race Option
Kibbles' Compendium of Legends and Legacies
Soulfire- Race
Circle of Ooze- Druid Subclass
Path of Stone- Barbarian Subclass
A Drunken Path
Blood Warrior Archetype- Fighter Subclass
Anklet of Displacement
Kitsune Race
Kibbles' Free Compendium
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