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We're Dread Maps, an independent creator of battlemaps and adventure modules for tabletop rpgs. We were founded in 2021 and thrilled to publish on Shard Tabletop!


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Adeline's Dervish
Dixmont Asylum
Greyspire Fortress
Fiery Ruins Map Pack
Cabin in the Woods
Astral Gate Map Pack
Steampunk Arena Map
Rosebud Hollow Manor
Ruins of the Old Ones
Broken Fey Circle Map
Dirty Secrets Map Pack
Dread Hills Saloon Map Pack
Tomb of the Blight Lich
Everstone Manor
House Undying Map Pack
Pirate Island
Frosty Lake Cabin
Lost Mines Map Pack
Hollow Pointe Terminal
Dragon Forest Excavation Map Pack
Scarlet Siren Map Pack
Halls of Anguish
Gladbrook House
Rumble in the Jungle Map Pack
Eldritch Void Map Pack
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