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Skront Stuff focuses on making unique and highly detailed maps and map packs in a cute and colorful style. I love taverns with hidden rooms, water-logged caverns and ruins, catacombs with locked tombs, and forests with streams and clearings. I want every map to feel like there are secrets within it, and focus on elevation changes, cover, and oddities for players to interact with.

I am a solo creator who just loves making maps and assets! I mostly use my own assets, made for Dungeondraft - all of them are all available for free for personal use on my Cartography Assets page. I also have a Patreon, where I post many individual maps and sneak peeks of assets to come. 

Houndscall Cavern
Snowy Mountain Map Pack
Water Features Map Pack
Bamboo Forest Maps
Argent Arch Shop/Cave
Underdark: Ancient Tombs and Ruins
Crystal Shore Maps
Mushroom Maps
Driftwood Lodge
Feywild Grotto & River
Extraplanar Maps: Gravelands
Spooky Ranch
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