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We aim to make fantasy and sci-fi media more accessible and prominent by honoring the classic elements of the genres in innovative and inclusive ways. This includes breaking down the challenges and barriers to entry for new and marginalized creators, and upholding the value of fair pay.

Our core product line, Cities of Myth, brings the mythology every one loves to 5e, and updates it with 21st century representation and engaging new plot twists. Fallen Camelot is currently available, with Atlantis Divided coming summer of 2021, and Agartha Unchained premiering fall of 2021. Expansion content is constantly being added to fully immerse players and "World Runners" into the setting.

Cities of Myth: Fallen Camelot (CORE BUNDLE)
Cities of Myth: Corruption Begone
Elements of Albion
Cities of Myth: Secrets of the Celts
Cities of Myth: Atlantis Divided
Cities of Myth: Fallen Camelot
Perks and Pains
Cities of Myth: The Cost of Hope
Cities of Myth: FREE PRIMER
Friends, Foes, and Fae of Avalon
Cities of Myth: Memories of the Sea
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