Shard Tabletop

AAW Games is an award-winning tabletop game publisher based in Snoqualmie, WA. Our mission is to bring joy and creativity to tabletop gamers around the world.  

We are bringing our incredibly popular Mini-Dungeons to Shard.  These one-shot adventures are perfect for a drop in session, supplementary material to your main campaign, or even a first time Gamemaster.  

Coffin Ball
Mini-Dungeon Bundle
Dead Flood of Dwfn Eir-Gron
Maiden's Inn Massacre
Guardian of Ahtu
Deep Water
Bloody Wishes Three
Chaos at the Gates
Mini Dungeon: Enou’s Extraordinary Food
Mini Dungeon: Explosive Bargains
Troll Toll
Cliffside Hoot
All Along the Watchtower
Tenebrous Trails
Heart of Flame
Chill in the Air
Temple Defense
Path of the Anvil
Out of this World
Rising Stars
In Cold Storage
Divided Darkness
Seaside Hideaway
Golemancer's Gauntlet
Nightmares at Thorn House
Fires of Ambition
Spore Song
Mini Dungeon: Zur’s Saltwater Smugglers
Noble Experiments
Old Jub's Mire
Angel's Share
Fungal Infestation
Like Tears in Rain
Doomed Dockyard Defense
Mini Dungeon: Patchwork's Pit
Toll of the Void
The Poison Pharaoh's Curse
Extreme Poaching
Mini Dungeon: Inklings Gathered
Secrets of the Silver Mountain Sage
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