Shard Tabletop

We're Cze Lee and Peku Chow. As a couple we work as concept artists and illustrators. Together we go by the name Czepeku.

We've worked professionally on board games and SFF book covers and we're also creating our own worlds, maps, tokens and more.

We've been avid artists and gamers since childhood and here on Shard Tabletop we want to use our illustrative skills to make the very finest maps and tokens for your games. We'd like to help other GMs create the best games and for players to have the most fun in this awesome hobby.

Ogre Queen Feast
Yggdrasil Roots
Celestial Realm
Bridge Town
Village: Monster Festival
Thieves Guild Hideout
Nymph Fountain
Blue Dragon Lair
Adventurer's Guildhall
Fey Village
City Marketplace
Ancient Wizard Lair
Bundle: Yggdrasil Map Pack
City Rooftop Chase
Giant Kitchen
Elder Brain: Sacrum Shrine
Yggdrasil Trunk
Spider Queen Throne
Land of Giants
Mountaintop Altar
Magical Snowglobe
Medusa's Wake
Abandoned Mine Entrance
Goblin Bridge
Bundle: Clockwork Dragon Lair Map Pack
Underground Dwarven City Center
Royal Palace: Guard Chambers
Rebel Camp
Mycelial Gate
Remote Ice Village
Chrono Chaos Ruins
Royal Palace: Throne Room
Secret Sailor Lair
Mechanical Palace
Wild West Saloon
Baba Yaga's Domain
Hanging Gardens
Beachside Cliff
Jungle Temple Entrance
Charity Pack
Royal Palace: Outer Court
Piping District
Sewer Tunnels
Colosseum of Challenges
Beached Kraken
Harpy Cove
Pseudodragon Lair
Mangrove Forest
Village: Windmill Farm
Desert Caravanserai
Yggdrasil Treetop
GM Starter Map Pack
Desert Canyon
War Room: Interior
Gnome City Center
Yggdrasil Branch Overlook
Bone Dryad Ossuary
Bundle: Wizard Vault Map Pack
Wizard Vault: Lobby
Haunted Ghost Ship: Exterior
Overground Dwarven City Center
Village: Quaint School
Wizard Vault: Interior
Bundle: Haunted Ghost Ship Map Pack
Village: Burial Barrow
Warforged City Center
Void Dragon Lair
The Great Library
Drow Manor
Shadow Fortress Bridge
Japanese Castle: Exterior
Plague Hospital
Opulent Ballroom
Village: Hidden Witch's Hut
Eldritch Church
Village: Greengrocer
Ancient Stepwell
Dragon's Hoard
Goblin City Center
Clockwork Dragon Lair: Exterior
Necropolis Entrance
Village: Pastoral Stables
Village: Tranquil Apiary
Cave Temple
Elder Brain: Lair
Elven City Center
Monster Fighting Pit
Royal Palace: Inner Court
Archaeological Dig
Bundle: Elder Brain Map Pack
Alchemy Dungeon
Forest Shrine Festival
Dead Angel Reef
Monster Genealogy Lab
Haunted Ghost Ship: Interior
Clockwork Dragon Lair: Interior
Bundle: City Center Map Pack
Medieval Jail
Open Ocean
Motte and Bailey Castle
Nightmare Dragon Lair
Pharaoh's Tomb
Slum District
Bullywug Swamp
Village: Hunting Guild
Elder Brain: Spine Mine
Bundle: War Room Map Pack
Bundle: Japanese Castle Map Pack
Japanese Castle: Interior
Fortified Dam
Flooded Fey Ruins
Inside a Bag of Holding
Dark Woods Edge
Green Dragon Lair
Village: Crossroads
Warforged Titan Scrapyard
War Room: Exterior
Arctic Expedition
Grand Cathedral
Mid-Air Dragonflight
Forbidden Gates
Monster Hunter Restaurant
Yggdrasil Village
Megalith Gate
Steam Factory
Experimental Surgery Theater
Iron Wharf
Village: Wainwright Shop
Bundle: Royal Palace Map Pack
Shard Tabletop Marketplace