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Kobold Press launched in 2006 to bring exciting monsters, player options, magic, and worlds to traditional table-top roleplaying and virtual table-top platforms. Renowned for setting agnostic creature tomes and player options, we strive to empower GMs and players to discover new and fun ways to tell cooperative stories with the world's oldest tabletop role playing game. 

Further, our Midgard world setting offers deep lore and history plus hundreds of published adventures across more than 40 titles like The Scarlet Citadel, Empire of the Ghouls, Southlands, Tome of Heroes, and Vault of Magic. All of this material and more is coming to Shard Tabletop.  Regardless of whether you plan in a home-brew world or another beloved setting, you can easily adapt our material to fit your style of play.

Scarlet Citadel
Empire of Ghouls
Midgard Heroes Handbook
Margreve Player's Guide
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Courts of the Shadow Fey
Deep Magic
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Creature Codex
Tales of the Old Margreve
Tome of Beasts
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Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs
Margreve Bundle
Tome of Heroes
Underworld Lairs
Southlands Worldbook
Southlands Player's Guide
12 Peculiar Towers
Bundle of Beasts
Midgard Sagas
Prepared 2
Midgard Worldbook
Tales Beneath the Sands
Book of Lairs
Iconic Creatures and Beasts Collection 1
Iconic Creatures and Beasts Collection 2
Southlands Bundle
Underworld Player's Guide
Tome of Beasts 2
Sanctuary of Belches
Vault of Magic
City of Cats
Monsters: Dragons & Drakes Token Pack
The Underworld Collection
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