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Underground Oracle Publishing is an ENnie-nominated, bestselling, 3rd party press creating supplements with a lore-first approach for both players and GMs to add to their 5th edition games.

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Wondrous Gifts: The Distortion of the Aberration
Monsters Mythica: Snallygaster
Heprion's Guide: Legendary Cursed Items
Druid Circle: Circle of the Unseely
Heprion's Guide: Artifacts for Ooze Enthusiasts
Underground Oracle Starter Pack
Creaturecopia: Snail Tales
Arcane Tradition: School of Nightmares
Underground Token Packs: Pack #3
Underground Map Packs: The Temple's Maw
Guilds and Orders: The Green Leaves
Remarkable Lineages: Dagari
Arcane Tradition: School of the Rover
Heroic Talents: Class Features Expanded
Underground Map Packs: The Winter Path
Remarkable Lineages Bundle
Familiar Faces: Domidan
Wondrous Gifts: The Benevolence of the Celestials
Monastic Tradition: Way of the Phoras
Heprion's Guide: Treasures of the Briny Deep
Creaturecopia: Villains of Firstdawn
Jinxed: A Vexing New Option For 5e
Archetypes 3 Bundle
Divine Gifts: New Paladin-Specific Spells
Wondrous Gifts: The Conferral of the Dragons
Infested: Parasites For Your Game
Ranger Archetype: Titan Slayer
Rivals and Allies: Solomon Reiss
Deities and Domains: AlayalBreen
Adventurer's Toolkit: Illicit Boons
Otherworldly Patron: The Snow Weaver
Monastic Tradition: Way of Havoc
Creaturecopia: Mouzling
Arcane Compositions: New Bard-Specific Spells
Creaturecopia: Garshep
Fey Magics Bundle
Underground Map Packs: The Lake's Edge
Primal Path: Path of the Skin Scribe
Inborn Magics: New Sorcerer-Specific Spells
The Cantrip Cantina: A Mermaid's Menu
Under the Harvest Moons
Companions and Steeds: Sophiornelle
Creaturecopia: Hive Giant
Underground Token Packs: Pack #5
Monastic Tradition: Way of the Torn Thread
Cults and Syndicates: The Glut of Horg-Sow
Downtime Destinations: The Smoke Road Shanty
Winter's Cold Bundle
Recreational Violence: New Rules and Feats for Bar Fights and Brawls
Epic Evils: Rava Verassa, the Hag of Oldmire
Planes Unknown: Harrow, the Blighted Plane
Guilds and Orders: The Order of the Sentinels
Underground Oracle Champion Subscription
Cleric Domain: Broken Bone Domain
The Ceaseless Caravan
Sorcerous Origin: Fallen Angel
Bardic College: College of the Curse Caller
Heroic Talents: More Feats for Intrepid Adventurers
Class-Specific Spells Bundle
Along the Way: Mock Fey, Real Trouble
Underground Map Packs: The Urban Garden
Underground Map Packs: The Strange Crypt
Celestial Prayers: New Cleric-Specific Spells
Firstdawn: The Festival of Spirit
Monsters Mythica: Terrors of the Deep Woods
Monsters Mythica: Dread Coachman
Creaturecopia 1 Bundle
Wondrous Gifts: The Blessing of the Fey
Primal Path: Path of Hoof and Horn
Underground Map Packs: The Winter Arena
Otherworldly Lore: The Pooka
Cruormantic Energies: Archetypes of Blood Power
Planes Unknown: Witch Tree, the Hidden Plane
Martial Archetype: Field Medic
Heprion's Guide: Artifacts for Elemental Mastery
Underground Token Packs: Pack #1
Familiar Faces: Noggle's Beetle
Monsters Mythica: Boggan and Boggart
Underground Oracle Starter Pack
Woodland Spellcraft: New Ranger-Specific Spells
Heroic Talents: New Feats for Adventurers
Heprion's Guide: Artifacts of Earthen Power
Adventurer's Toolkit: A New Way to Travel
Creaturecopia: Crown Phoenix
Remarkable Lineages: Satyrs
Sorcerous Origin: The Pooka
Heroic Talents: Lineage Feats of Quaseloth
The Cantrip Cantina Bundle
Biomancer's Edge: New Spells of Transmutation
Remarkable Lineages: Awakened Familiar
Underground Map Packs: Fey Crossroads
Underground Map Packs: The Ghastly Opera House
Sorcerous Origin: Riot Born
Esoteric Texts: Spells of Cruormancy
The Cantrip Cantina: Holiday Libations
Rivals and Allies: Mareth, Unseely Regent
Familiar Faces: Holderkin
Creaturecopia: Xarlphus
Remarkable Lineages: Ellowen
Fool's Fancy: Spells for Tricksters and Mischief Makers
The Book of High Seas Treasures
Remarkable Lineages: Marabu
Pallowen: Festival of the Frightful Harvest
Extraordinary Locations: Drumeplaw
Underground Map Packs: The Dungeoneer's Diary
Underground Map Packs: Crystal Caverns
Otherworldly Patron: The Lady Moontide
Heprion's Guide: Gifts of Light
Extraordinary Locations: Ice Hall
Sacred Oath: Oath of the Celesai
Downtime Destinations: The Kelpie's Hole
Rivals and Allies: Moira and Bodo
Ranger Archetype: Veil Watchman
Remarkable Lineages: Shandow
Druid Circle: Circle of Civilization
Deities and Domains: Octanoss
Uncommon Origins: New Backgrounds For 5e
Unseely Fey Bundle
The Ceaseless Caravan: Arona's Battle Busters
Underground Map Packs: The Mountain Cottage
Gothic Nights Bundle
The Cantrip Cantina: Spirits of Pallowen
Creature Companions: A New Option For Any Class
Creaturecopia: Cephoreal
Underground Token Packs: Pack #2
Underground Map Packs: The Haunted Attic
Eldritch Spellcraft: New Warlock-Specific Spells
Underground Oracle Player's Pack
Monsters Mythica: Black-Eyed Child
Heprion’s Guide: Tools of the Trade
Creaturecopia: Stormbreaker Dracken Snake
Monsters Mythica: Kelpie
Martial Archetype: Blacksmith
Underground Map Packs: Waterworks Hideout
The Cantrip Cantina: Feywild Nights
Rivals and Allies: The Sword Lords
Creaturecopia: Acooska
Roguish Archetype: Fey Catcher
Underground Token Packs: Pack #4
Bardic College: College of the Folk Singer
Martial Archetypes: Time Strider
Extraordinary Locations: Gillshire
Cult of the Broken Bone
Rivals and Allies: Biaga, The Prima Ghoula
Epic Evils: MacrAbeesus, Mother of Manticores
Along the Way: The Crown's Fire
Downtime Destinations: The Cantrip Cantina
Roguish Archetype: Dungeoneer
Creaturecopia: Skremp
Guilds and Orders: The Golden Couturiers
The Book of Celestial Gifts
Blood Magic Bundle
Primal Path: Path of the Pit Fighter
Roguish Archetype: Street Warrior
Downtime Destinations: Mama Bardousa's Bathhouse
Grove Magic: New Druid-Specific Spells
Arcane Tradition: School of Cruormancy
Druid Circle: Circle of Scavengers
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